Author: Tung
•Thursday, December 20, 2012
Last update: 26-Feb-09

Welcome to A Tarantula keeper's blog.

I have been keeping Tarantula for a while and I absolutely love these misunderstood giants. So I decide to make a small blog for them. They are some of the greatest pets you can keep. This is more like a website though. So please browse around using the menu on the left handside! You will like it. ^_^

This is not just another Tarantula website. I found some of the experts in the hobby were too into their own breeding projects, collection and what not while paying less attention to the beginners. If there is no new beginner, the hobby can't expand. Then I found many misconceptions about the hobby e.g. freak/goth/dark/show-off and those kinda things. So I will try to keep this site as beginner's friendly as possible with a bright, funny and lively image.

Here I will post videos, pictures (in the form of HD slideshows and sometimes real pics) and other information about Tarantulas. Thank you very much for dropping by. Enjoy!
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