Author: Tung
•Sunday, December 21, 2008
I just realized the 2 most beautiful of my T's - the GBB and the P. regalis are soooo posh! This is not another - my T is not eating food story! ^_^

I tried feeding her with nymph/MM/MF dubia and she said no no no to all 3! This was her reaction:
  • Drop the roach
  • "Food!" Baam! [try to bite]
  • "Yak! What is this crappy tasting food! You terrible owner!"
  • Do a 180 and walk away slowly, leaving the roach pooping its pants.
And she is not fat at all - rather very thin. Today, I threw in a freshly molted male dubia. This was her reactions:
  • Drop the roach
  • "Food!" Baam! [try to bite]
  • "Uhm! Tastes good! You are still a terrible owner!"
  • Do a 180 and dance with the roach
  • [after about 10 minutes] "Uhm! This thing dirties my toes!" Lick her toes like she is grooming.
  • Resume eating

P. regalis:
There was a dubia that was in her enclosure since yesterday night. So I prod it out in a last-ditch effort to see if she was interested. This was her reactions:
  • [the roach runs near]
  • "Uhm! What is this?" [touch the roach]
  • [the roach poops in its pants]
  • "Eww! Leftover! Nah nah nah! You are a terrible owner!"
  • [the roach poops in its pants again]
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