Author: Tung
•Monday, December 01, 2008
Something is wrong with pokies today!
I found poop in the my P. regalis water bowl. [Hate it when they do that] So I use the feeding tongs to grab some pieces of toilet paper to clean the water bowl - the usual method. I don't know why she teleported onto my hand.
She literally was hanging on the hand with her front 4 legs and the back 4 wriggling to grip on to something. I was so scared but was calm enough to put her back down and she teleported into the back of the tank. So I finished up the routine and closed the tank.
A few minutes later, I felt itchy on the side of my palm. Found 2 red dots and the area is a bit swollen. I think she "kissed" me while hanging and trying to hold on to something. Don't think it's a bite. Pokie bites are supposed to be very bad and this one doesn't even hurt, just itchy. And if it were a real bite, the 2 holes would be wider and deeper. This is a 6" pokie we are talking about.
So I'm convinced my pokie loves me so much, she gave me a kiss! ^_^

Notice the left hole is deeper than the right hole? I think it suits the way the T was hanging on to my hand.

Update: a day later, the left hole showed more damage but no pain.

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